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I’m looking out at the great big blue pacific ocean. We are on our vacation, this time we headed south to Aptos. Our usual route is North to Mendocino. Its nice to be by the coast, to hear the waves crash, rumble below. I don’t want to get back into my car, I don’t want […]

I’ve been thinking a lot about my parent training in the auditory/ oral method at my daughters school, on Friday. I’ve had several experiences with Fiona since then where I used one of the techniques I was taught, for example: asking Fiona “what did she say” at A birthday party We were at Saturday, a […]

I’m having anxiety lately. It’s hard to just sit here and not worry. Are other people feeling this way too? I am worried about the people getting hammered by hurricane season. I am worried about the Trump administration. The horrible things I worried about when president Trump became the Republican nominee are coming true. The […]

Peppa Pig on the T.V., Jack and Fiona watch with earnest while they eat their breakfast. I sip on my second cup of coffee; too sweet, a bit cold. Rain drops splatter on the window panes, another rainy February day. Billy lays at my feet with her messed up leg that didn’t heal in the […]

Last night I see the moon, it’s big and bright. Beautiful. I have put the babies to bed and finished cleaning up. I’m relaxing on the couch, reading and writing in my journal. Now I am sitting at my desk writing. It’s been two days since I wrote the first sentence. Since then I’ve been […]