Day Two 20 Days in a Pandemic

Today was a whirl wind. i haven’t had time to eat lunch. Its an intense long school day and technically I’ve had no time to work in my studio or write. I went down to my studio during one of the kids brain breaks and ended up causing the kids to be ten minutes late back to class.

Fiona was on and off her school all day. Her FM is not working still and she is still complaining about school. We sat in on a class at CSDF today too, I wanted to find out if Fiona would prefer that instead of mainstream, but the ASL was really advanced for Fiona so she wouldn’t participate. everything’s so up in the air.

I haven’t taken a shower or even brushed my teeth today. I haven’t been outside or opened the blinds the sink is full of dishes and the house is a mess. But I am still feeling better because of my studio and working on the project. I started these silks and plan to stitch them.

Silks with print in progress, the plan is to add stitch, maybe sewing them all together as a long scroll representing time. or a silk quilt with s bunch of faces!

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