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“Keep up the good work” said Michael, as I walked down the hill, through the park. I dropped off a tarp and a backpack full of jackets for a few homeless people I have gotten to know through my morning walks I take every day after I drop Jack off at school. “Socks and Tarps” […]

O.K., here I am, again: Studio, fan on, hour remaining, supposed to clean closet, painted crazy, did book entries, work on GAP frag project. Don’t know if paintings are done yet. Think they are. In big trouble.  Painting on large canvas, going to become a problem; quickly. Have nowhere to store. Been painting over them, […]

  “Ahhh” taking a sip of my coffee, the second pot I’ve made today. The first pot tasted yucky, I didn’t drink it, had to drive Jack and Fiona to school, we were an hour late, we all slept till 8:30 today, our first night back from vacation. Now I have an hour till I […]

I’m doing something really bad right now, something that I normally wouldn’t do. It’s naptime, 1:28PM and I just made myself a hot cup of joe and it’s good. I never drink coffee after 10:00AM because of insomnia, but I’m so tired from last night, not sleeping well after the Room Opening I said “what […]

6:49AM Monday morning, babies still sleeping, outside the fog rests low in the sky. Today Carl and I are delivering our work to Room Gallery in Mill Valley. I can’t wait to see the work and see the show! I think it’s, I know it’s going to look spectacular, interesting, beautiful, diverse, intimate and contemporary. […]