Socks and TARPS

“Keep up the good work” said Michael, as I walked down the hill, through the park. I dropped off a tarp and a backpack full of jackets for a few homeless people I have gotten to know through my morning walks I take every day after I drop Jack off at school.

“Socks and Tarps” is what Michael told me they needed. I wanted to make sure I helped them in the best, most, direct way, so one day I asked.

“Is it better to give to St Vincent or Ritter House or you directly?”

He answered best to give directly to people on the streets, and Michael said he needed socks and tarps, and his girlfriend said she needed clothes. That’s all they asked for. I could make that happen, I decided.

I wanted to do it before the rain on Sunday, but I didn’t take the walk those days. But I did it today and we established a secure drop spot, so I can deliver the socks and clothes anytime.

 I also delivered a package today of FRAGS. They went to Senegal for The Global Art Project Residency. I wish I could be there physically, but I will be in spirit and I’ve contributed to the COLLABORATION!

I set my timer today, I only have 20 minutes to work in my studio. Now I’m gonna power paint! Just to get the CRAZIES out!!!

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