Jennifer Amy Hynes

Thoughts on Motherhood Through the Eyes of an Artist

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lying down, a soft white cotton blanket wrapped around my naked body, cucumbers, a cool washcloth on my eyes, heart pounding strong, feet throbbing, face beat red, beads of sweat form around my mouth. I take several deep breaths, ” one, inhale, exhale, two, inhale, exhale” repeat ten times. My body starts to cool, I […]

I’ve never been sad about Fiona’s hearing loss until now. I see how she thrives with her hearing aids. How conscious she is about them and the difference between the two worlds she lives in, hearing and non-hearing. We take an afternoon walk down by Target, along the bay with Billy. It’s windy, so I […]

I find myself lying on the carpet, listening to the clicking of buttons tossing in the dryer. I hear the hum of the dishwasher, chirping of the blue jays outside and an occasional roar of an airplane. The baby monitor is quiet, Jack and Fiona are taking their afternoon nap. I want to lavish here […]

I peer over into the play area, “They’re doing great.” I say to myself. Then Jack runs over to the fence that separates him from the kitchen stairs. I look at him, he smiles. I get up and go down to hang out with them for a minute. “Whatcha doin’? whatcha into this mornin’? ew […]

Our night lasted until 8:30, at which time we asked Gordon, the bartender at the Silver Peso to call us a cab. “Forty somethings like you, no offense, want a flat yard.” Says the real estate agent sitting next to us at the bar. Why would I take offense at being called forty something? I’m […]