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Thoughts on Motherhood Through the Eyes of an Artist

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My daughter Fiona is doing this high pitched screaming, whining, I really don’t know what to call it. She does it when she wants something, especially things I take away from her, things she can’t have. She does it when she’s tired and when she can’t find Tiger. It’s driving me crazy. Last night at […]

“Can I leave at 4 today?” Ramona asks me. “Umm, I’ll try and get everything done on time.” I say. I’m losing two hours, I have to let her go early, she’s excited, needs to finish packing for her trip home. I was just counting on the time to finish my chores and get organized […]

I crossed the line, in the parking lot outside my fancy gym. Someone could see me. I think it through, looking side to side, at where I parked. Could I squat beside my car? Too visible. I put Jack and Fiona in their seats, fold up the stroller, load it in the back with the […]

My studio is a mess, paint stains everywhere, piles and piles of overworked pieces. A Stack of work I like, books, and  a giant bag of garbage. I do a quick clean up, clear my mixing counter, take everything off my press and set up my blankets, and the tension. Prepare my plexi glass and start to […]