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Thoughts on Motherhood Through the Eyes of an Artist

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These are some great resources! I am reposting this on my blog for me and for others who may be interested in the subject. I really like how Valerie said she wanted her children to learn it not only so they communicate before they can speak but possible communicate some day with someone who has […]

My world is turning upside down again! I think Jack and Fiona are transitioning to one nap a day. Just when we established a perfect little schedule, I had time to write every morning while they took their nap and often had time to paint in the afternoon. I finally figured out what time to […]

“You need to wear a bra” said Timmy. I just want to run and hide right now. I thought they took me seriously. I finally got the boss to let me help train the new stallion. A dream come true. I’m working at a ranch as a trail guide, but I’ve convinced the boss to […]

Here we are again. But we’re not really here again because it’s not morning, I always write in the morning. Its nap time on Sunday afternoon. A time I’ve overlooked. A time I’ve been stressed out. Dead yellow roses sit in front of me looking like they are bowing their heads in Namaste. I’m full. […]

The best thing I’ve done lately is started drinking coffee again. It’s so delicious. Coffee. Jack’s still sick. His face is shiny and wet. He’s been coughing, I rub his back and get a little sad. The poor thing. I started hating on myself yesterday, “I’ve eaten so many chocolate chip cookies, I went two […]