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Thoughts on Motherhood Through the Eyes of an Artist

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I find myself lingering longer and longer in the nursery at bedtime. Our dinner ate, bottles drank, bath taken, It’s already after seven. I could put Jack and Fiona’s sleep sacks on. They would give me no resistance. Instead, I lay on the futon for just a few more cuddles, so I can watch as […]

The fan above my head brings a slight chill to my hands. It’s hot outside this afternoon. So quiet at this moment. Peaceful. Jack and Fiona are sleeping soundly.  I feel completely at ease, things are different now. I know what I have to do, what I need to work on. My husband texts me: […]

I throw a jar of diluted black watercolor paint on my paper, I’m thinking about Fiona hitting a little old hammer on the glass table and I’m inspired. I walk into the library to check on my babies. She’s lifting it up, “No Fiona! Oh my gosh you guys.” I look in the drawer where […]

Close my eyes, baby gates circle me, try to look through the holes, can’t see anything, it’s all dark. My husband had a “shit night sleep” last night. I slept, was Exhausted, it was a triple whammy weekend. Allergies and PMS triggered my urge to purge and clean.  Spent the whole weekend cleaning and organizing […]

I’m sitting here, Lying at my feet, Billy,  Sitting on the couch Alan,  Lying in their play and packs, Jack and Fiona,  Hum, the fridge, the fan, the house creaks, the doors, the vibration of the cars on the freeway,  The kitchen is clean,  The babies are sleeping,  Outdoors is toxic today, the weed pollen […]