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Yea! A break! Babies down for the morning nap. Jack’s fighting off a bad cold, poor little guy. We have a visitor, Bruce. He was a father figure to me when I was a kid. That makes him like a grandpa to Jack and Fiona. We lost touch for over 20 years, reconnecting again last […]

Mother’s Day has been heartbreaking every year since my mom died. With the pressure to have children. With the disappointments and stress of infertility. I would walk around in a deep fog of sadness. I would avoid the stupid grocery stores with all their propaganda. Last year the babies were three months old, I was […]

As I touch the high chair a memory passes through my mind. Cleaning the throw up that time Jack and Fiona had a really bad flu. I was so worried, the projectile vomit, the temperature, the lethargy. Things jack and Fiona won’t remember. I woke up early, it’s a foggy morning. The babies are still […]

I’m really liking my new attitude. I’m feeling much more relaxed by taking the pressure off myself. The idea of living an un-edited life is working for me. Yesterday I had to paint. I went into my studio, prepped the paper, had the colors in my mind already, and laid down the marks. One idea. […]

I have got to get into the studio today. Yesterday, could have painted for an hour during each of the babies’ naps. But was so tired. Chose to take a hot bath during first nap. Watch the first episode of “Secrets and Lies” during second nap. Brilliant show. Inspired by the mom, the way she […]

Throw up, poop, screaming, whining. Will we have the energy to leave the house today? Yesterday: Drop  babies off in Play Center, they are excited. Doing iyengar yoga today. “I haven’t done this class before, do we set up any special way?” I ask a man in the yoga studio. He tells me how we […]

I think they are awake. Just sat down with my coffee and toast. This time I have the bottles ready, they’ll be less time for screaming and crying. I’ll miss the Babbling when it goes. I think it’s so sweet. One time I made the mistake of taking Jack out of his crib while he […]