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Thoughts on Motherhood Through the Eyes of an Artist

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I’ve got a smile on my face, I can feel my body heating up, the music  pumping, and it’s good, I push myself hard, don’t know how long I have. Missed this, feels awesome. I’m lucky, I get to do the whole class, without anyone coming and getting me because of an inconsolable child. I […]

“Oh my gosh” I say, I’m putting the Turkey dinner in the microwave, I see something. On the glass rotating tray that looks like baby poop.  How did baby poop get in the microwave? I pull the tray out.  I realize its refried beans from the microwave burrito I scarfed for lunch. It’s a no […]

“Thump” Jack cries, I’m in the kitchen sweeping up beans and pasta. I give it my usual few seconds wait, the wait that corresponds with the first big inhale of breath before the next “WAHHHHHH.” Jacks on the floor, stomach down, Fiona’s in the arm chair giggling, this isn’t the first time. Did she push […]

“I’m not picking that up again.” I say as Jack throws his bottle on the floor.  MMMM Good cup of coffee. I haven’t put on Fiona’s hearing aids yet. O.K. On, done with their bottles they cried so hard in the five minutes it took to make them. Only drinking a tiny bit. Twins are […]

Hiking on Mt. Wittenberg, mom in front, August 2008, sky trail. Before we get to that story I change Fiona’s poopy diaper. The smell coming from the diaper pail reminds me of another story, the Greyhound bus ride from Burns, Wyoming to San Diego, California. Lynnette and I are sitting at the Greyhound Bus station. […]

We woke up at 7:30, still tired. Babies loose, running, grabbing phone, BEEP BEEP BEEP, the sound of the receiver, making milk, babies start to cry, I just can’t make it fast enough. Alan not home, stayed in south bay, went for drinks didn’t want to drive. I’m so glad. I hadn’t heard from him […]

I need to get alone time with each of the babies, especially Fiona to work with her language skills.  I’m feeling really tired, starting to stress. I question the office visits and whether I was right to stop taking the pills. Dr.Scott said, “You should take Prozac.” He is my old OBYGN, I felt red […]