The Best Laid Plans ( With Twins) Often go awry, leaving space for wonderful surprises!

“Do you want to watch signing time?” I say to Jack and Fiona. It’s a great show, they use American Sign Language. On my second cup of coffee, made it really good today. I’m bad. Bought a jar of Justin’s Hazelnut Chocolate spread, it’s amazing on toast with banana. The babies like it too. House Finches on the deck sitting together, they are a couple. They come back year after year. I need to remember to put out bird seed today. I think we’ll go on a big adventure. The Beach, maybe Point Reyes. Or maybe we’ll just hang here. I’m not sure, the babies just went down for their nap and I think they will actually sleep this time.

I kept my word yesterday. Jack and Fiona did not take their morning nap. I hear them, babbling,  take them out of their play and packs after a half hour. They are super excited,  running up and down the hall, into the kitchen where I give them bites of fifteen bean soup I made in the slow cooker. I put them in their high chairs, feed berries and beans, I make up a song called beans and berries. It’s 11:00A.M. They are definitely tired, I decide to give them a nice bath and put them in their cribs in the nursery so I can take a shower. Jack falls asleep, Fiona keeps babbling. Time is passing quickly. Should I cancel my reservation at play center, let the babies take a long nap, maybe have time in my studio? No, I’m doing this. I get Fiona up first, 12:30, change her diaper and put her in the car. Next Jack. We’re on our way, I’m driving faster than I should be. We make it, get to play center right at 1:00, there’s a choice of two classes starting at this time. There’s only one girl in play center, with maybe five kids. Jack starts crying. The girl wants me to put both babies in the high chairs. This takes time, Libby walks in and takes Jack. I walk out, Jack is balling. I run up the stairs feeling sad about Jack. A woman sees I’m upset and says to me, “Mommy has to work out.” She is pregnant and has a little girl with her. Yoga with Weights. Closed. 1:10, I’m too late. I check out Change it up, Closed! This sucks, I didn’t bring my swim suit. I’m not going to work out on boring cardio machines. I go back down to Play Center, Jack is still crying. Miss Fiona is playing with another little girl having a really sweet time. I grab Jack, hold him tight, “I’ll take you somewhere fun, we’ll go to the park.” I tell him.

We walk to the park, it’s not too far, it’s a beautiful day, giant trees cast shadows on the cool green grass. The babies and I are so excited to be here. We roll over to the playground, hats and shoes on. It’s their second time to this park. They run over to the play structure, it’s the perfect size for them now. Jack climbs up, examines the steering wheel, looks out holes, and heads to the top of the slide. He gets down on his bum, grabs the side of the slide and goes down all by himself! It’s so exciting, I clap my hands and jump up and down, can’t believe Jack just did that! I’m so proud of him, Fiona’s right behind him. She goes down on her tummy!

We walk back to the mall, we grab a salad and vegan mac and cheese from the new vegan restaurant. Jack loves the mac and cheese! We head home, still need to take Billy for a walk. Bottles, nursery time, the end of a day filled with all that life has to offer, disappointments, surprises, fun, and love!

2 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans ( With Twins) Often go awry, leaving space for wonderful surprises!

  1. I really like your stream of consciousness style of writing! Glad you had a nice day despite the change in plans. 🙂


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