I peed in the back of my Honda Odysseey minivan!

I crossed the line, in the parking lot outside my fancy gym. Someone could see me. I think it through, looking side to side, at where I parked. Could I squat beside my car? Too visible. I put Jack and Fiona in their seats, fold up the stroller, load it in the back with the diaper bag leaving room “just in case”, I turn on the car. I should start driving now, I’ll be home in ten minutes. My bladder is so full though. It hurts. It’s going to hurt on the way home, and what if something happens, a delay? Traffic? I thought about going on the way to the car. I had several choices. There’s a public bathroom in the mall. It seemed too far. Next I thought about going back into the gym, but with the stroller and babies it seemed like such an ordeal. There’s a plastic cup with some grapes, I throw the grapes in a dirty Tupperware. Get in the back of my Honda Odyssey Minivan. The babies are looking at me, I squat and pee in the cup. What an influence I am. It fills up fast, pee gets on the rubber mat. A man comes to his car parked next to mine. I pull up my pants, act like I’m doing something other than peeing. I wait for him to leave and pour the pee under my car. As I’m driving out of the parking lot Mall Security is behind me. I get scared, are they going to pull me over? Did they see me? It’s probably illegal to pour excrement out in the parking lot.


I was reading a post on the multiples group forum. They were talking about potty training. One lady said she keeps a potty in her car. So it must not be illegal to go potty in the back of a car. But what does she do with the excrement after her kid pees or poos? I saw one lady at the park with a potty. I thought it was my imagination. I wonder how many adults have used their kid’s potty. The portable potty thing makes me think of the ladies who clip their nails in the sauna. It’s one of those things that is best kept private. But who am I to talk?


Yesterday was a great Saturday! My husband was nice and relaxed. We did our Yoga, lunch thing. He had a massage  before Yoga. Babies took their nap at the correct time. All I had to do was the usual, get ready. I think moms, especially moms of twins are super-duper multitaskers!   The amount of things that need to be done to leave the house is CRAZY! Then my husband sends me two texts: “Can you bring a Jacket for me please?”  Yes. Then I’m in the car ready to go: “I also forgot my belt for my nautilus shorts. The one with no holes.”  This is at 10:35. I have to actually search for a specific belt! Found. I lay on my mat and can’t stop thinking, “he only had himself to get ready” but as we lay in Baddha Konasana I breathe in, I breathe out. I let those thoughts leave my mind as fast as they enter. It’s very liberating. We enjoy the rest of our day having lunch and going to a beautiful park. The babies ran and ran and played on the slide. It was great!

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