Hot topic, surrogacy and egg donation and how Same Sex Marriage laws bring up the debate in Ireland. 

I am one who had to use an egg donor and surrogate to build my family. I tried myself for many years, tried with my own eggs, IVF, and nothing worked. When I first started trying I said, “I’ll never do IVF” then I said “I’ll never use an egg donor” then I said “I’ll never use a surrogate.” And here we are.

I believe in same sex marriage and believe everyone should be able to “procreate” anyway that works. I don’t think there’s a difference in the pain people feel who want kids and can’t have them naturally. It’s the same emotion, I believe, for men, women, and single people who want children.

I struggled with all my decisions and thought them through carefully. I talked to pshychologists who specialize in the field of Assisted Reproduction. In the article :

A woman talks about finding out she was concieved by her parents using a donor egg and felt a loss of identity. I believe your identity comes from how you are raised. I will tell Jack and Fiona I had to use a donor egg. I don’t think they will “lose thier identity.” I’m sure they will be curious.

Women have been using sperm donors for a long time. Why is that not as controversial?

I plan on doing an informative piece on surrogacy. I would like to interview my surrogate to share her thoughts as well. I feel there is so much mis- information out there and plain hate mongers.

When I was going through all my infertility stuff I made the mistake of reading comments people wrote about IVF and surrogacy. How if we can’t get pregnant, “we should leave it in god’s hands” or it’s not meant to be. It made me feel bad and confused. But those are ignorant people.

The world is moving forward.

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