Another Un-Edited Day.

I have got to get into the studio today. Yesterday, could have painted for an hour during each of the babies’ naps. But was so tired. Chose to take a hot bath during first nap. Watch the first episode of “Secrets and Lies” during second nap. Brilliant show. Inspired by the mom, the way she juggled her full time job, taking care of her girls, and cooking a sit down dinner, I decided to immolate her. Alan got home from work early. I cooked ravioli with a mushroom sauce, heated up some chicken soup (store bought) and made a finely chopped beet, cucumber, and red leaf lettuce salad. Jack was able to eat some of his ravioli with his own fork. Finally I cooked a meal the whole family enjoyed. I didn’t give Jack and Fiona salad, I was going to but was afraid it might throw them off completely.

Deciding to not go anywhere yesterday was the right thing to do. We were all so tired. I rearranged the kitchen table and high chairs again. One of the things I do before I get my period, always have, is rearrange things, get rid of clutter, and clean. I’ve just realized this since the babies were born. It started with their nursery. Then the kitchen table and chairs. They are usually awake and watch me intently. I’m certain I’ll pass on this trait to them.

This will be another un-edited day. We can just play it by ear. We have nowhere to go, and nothing to do. Except:

#1. Prepare and eat food. Drink water. Make fresh juice. Use vege’s bought at least two days ago.

#2. Take Billy for a walk.

#3. Wipe butts

#4. Paint

#5. Just chill together. Give Fiona more special time because she needs/wants it. Jacks more distant. I’ve been treating them the same.

Oh and finish watching the second episode of “Secrets and Lies”.

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