My Nuts and Bolts

The best thing I’ve done lately is started drinking coffee again. It’s so delicious. Coffee. Jack’s still sick. His face is shiny and wet. He’s been coughing, I rub his back and get a little sad. The poor thing. I started hating on myself yesterday, “I’ve eaten so many chocolate chip cookies, I went two days without a walk, I haven’t done yoga all week, I haven’t painted, I’ve been watching Netflix movies while the babies are sleeping.” I had to tell myself “Everything’s going to be fine, you’re taking care of two sick babies and fighting off the cold yourself. Give yourself a break. Things will go back to normal next week.” Then I felt better and watched another movie. The movie I watched was called “Tracks” directed by John Curran. (An Australian film) It’s the story of Robyn Davidson who traveled across the Australian Outback in 1977 with four camels and her dog. It was really good, and made me want to take a long journey like that. Then I realized I am on a long journey. In the movie she talks about just putting one foot in front of the other. That’s the ticket. Try to minimize un-necessary external distractions. Don’t waste time thinking about the things I don’t want to do. Don’t fill up my schedule with too many commitments. Just take the necessary equipment for my trip, the trip of life. Leave everything else behind. The list of things I don’t want to do does not include the following even though sometimes I complain about some of these things or feel they take up a lot of time, they are the nut and bolts.

  1. Dishes
  2. Laundry
  3. Changing diapers, Taking out the trash
  4. Taking care of myself (exercise, sleep,painting,relaxing, getting haircut, getting eyebrows done)
  5. Taking care of my family and dog
  6. Grocery shopping and cooking
  7. Spending time with close relatives and friends (Keeping in Touch with my long distance relationships)

Jack and Fiona are down for their morning nap. I just made a fresh pot of coffee, just one more cup. I have time to paint now.

4 thoughts on “My Nuts and Bolts

  1. Hi! Just coming over to visit from Valerie’s (Atlanta Mom of Three) Friday Blog Party! We’ve had a month of sickness in our household too. My kids were taking turns … one kid a week, and I have 4 of them. Perhaps it would’ve been easier if they all got sick at the same time. Anyway, moms get worn taking care of sick, little ones, so nothing wrong with chocolate chip cookies and a movie or two to keep your wits about you. At least, that’s what I’ve told myself. 🙂

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  2. Oh my gosh! That made me laugh! Thank you! I can’t even imagine having two more! I hope this is the last round of sickness for both of our sakes!


  3. YES!! Get rid of the unnecessary distractions in our lives! Whether they be thoughts, activities, or behaviors. I think it’s of the utmost importance to evaluate ourselves periodically just see where we are. Are we spending our time and energy the way we would if we REALLY had a choice? Then we must remember that we DO have a choice! Except when illness strikes, of course. Then we just focus on getting everyone better. ❤ Sounds like a good movie!

    By the way, our nuts and bolts are very similar. 😉


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