Faze Free

Oh my gosh, do I need to run at the park now or what? Jack and Fiona love to play in the big kid’s part at the park down the hill. Which by the way, I am really beginning to love it there. We’ve been going almost every morning after breakfast. It’s a great time for me to get in that extra cardio I’ve been wanting to add. I have to run from one end of the playset to the other when jack or Fiona decide to climb up on their own, even though a fall from that would definitely be bad. But they are pretty good at it. Although today Jack went down the BIG twisting slide first, but wouldn’t move from the bottom. I was at the top with Fiona. I had to go down and I kept saying, “Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, move.” But he wouldn’t look at me, he wouldn’t move. He was engrossed watching the other people at the park. A nanny, I should probably start learning their names, asked if I wanted help, she said, “You need help,” at first I couldn’t tell if she was offering or commenting, but I said “Yes, please.” She moved Jack, I let Fiona down the BIG twisting slide, she flew down, turned sideways at the bottom, and landed on the side of her face, wood chips stuck to her cheek and she cried. The dad on the bench said, “Ohhh” shaking his head side to side, the lady gave a look. I’m not sure if she was disgusted by my nonchalant reaction to my daughter falling off the slide I sent her down look or not. But I knew Fiona was fine and would stop crying in one minute, I also know that if they’re gonna climb up things they are not big enough for yet, a couple scary falls won’t do them any harm. They need to learn.

Luck would have it my new Nanny Heather got food poisoning from Taco Bell last night so she couldn’t come to work today. I was impressed at how it didn’t faze me at all.  It was a really hard weekend, not very many naps, lots of housework and mom work, I felt I needed a break so bad. I was so tired. But when Heather called in sick I wasn’t worried. It kind of gave me permission to not do very much of anything today. We’ll just chill. The babies are tired too, both babies are taking a nap. I got home from the park, changed their diapers, put them in their cribs, in separate rooms. Fiona went right down. It took Jack about a half hour during which he pooped and I made him a four ounce bottle. But then he went right down. I saw he got a big molar tooth. That’s probably why he’s been so cranky.

It’s a good day in June. It really feels like summer. It’s a beautiful morning, 10:49. The house is quiet. I hear cars, which Jack says, “vroom vroom” when he sees one, chimes, birds, and some type of power tool. I’m wearing shorts and my Peaches t-shirt from New Orleans. There is a cool breeze which causes the blind cords that are a strangulation hazard I haven’t dealt with yet, to sway. It’s a good day.

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