Texting is dumb and I did the one thing I said I would NEVER do!

Texting to make plans with people is dumb, unless it’s a longtime friend I have an established communication style with, someone who I know well. Today is not a great day for me, as a person, a friend, or a parent. I laugh and cry as I write this. I’m so pathetic! First I’ll start with the friend thing. We made plans a couple of weeks ago for today. I was the last one to text, “I’ll see you guys soon! The 10th if that’s still good.” I didn’t get a response, so I figured the person did not want to hang out. I was bummed but needed to have a plan in place for the morning anyhow. I decided my alternate plan was to take babies to discovery museum. But if I hear from friend I can go her way to meet up, maybe for coffee and a visit to a park. The morning was crazy, in the time it took me to get the diaper bag ready, get dressed, the babies both pooped huge poops, got into a bottle of lavender oil, a bottle of Advil PM, which I guess my husband didn’t put the CHILDPROOF lid on correctly. Little blue pills all over the floor! Everywhere, I’m freaking out. I scoop four out of Fiona’s blue mouth! I’m in a panic now. I know she didn’t swallow any because they had just got into them but still! I put babies in the car, get ready to go, friend texts me, “Are you still up for doing something?” I text back, but decide to call, she won’t be ready for a long time, I’m already ready to go, we cancel plans. She has twins too so it’s just really hard to connect.

I get to Discovery Museum and that goes great. Babies have tons of fun, there’s hardly anyone there, probably because of the Doyle Drive closure. It’s relaxing as it could be. I even let the babies loose where the giant musical instruments are so they can make sound. I think about all the times I walked by these cool things telling Jack and Fiona, “You’re too little now, but someday you can play with those.” I was excited just thinking about these wonderful things my babies will be able to do when they get bigger. I decide to take babies home for lunch instead of our usual stop at The Pee Wee café. Jack and Fiona are really hungry and tired, they are crying in the car, I only have one food packet. My heart is racing, I feel like I’m gonna loose it. Fiona falls asleep, a part of me worries that she’s ingested some of the medicine. It’s been over two hours, I’m sure it would have affected her much earlier. Jacks crying on the freeway, I could probably make it home, but I can’t handle this. I do the one thing I said I would NEVER do, I go through the Jack in the Crap drive through and buy two kids meals. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I park in the lot and give Jack his fries, chicken nuggets, and Minion Toy.  Fiona’s still out cold. Jacks happy! I drive home a bit more relaxed. Wake Fiona up, feed her, and give them both bottles, and now they are down for their afternoon nap. I feel like I need a drink! It was a really stressful, emotional, and scary morning!

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