1:16 Friday Afternoon

can it be? How can time move by so quickly? Linda from Early Start, (Fiona’s school for kids with hearing loss, vision loss, and mobility issues) did a home visit this morning. She got to meet Lindsay, which was really cool! Lindsay is now our permanent nanny, yea! She has hearing loss too, so she has been giving me the inside scoop as well as Teaching  us all sign language, it’s been amazing! I was proud during Linda’s visit because Fiona showed Linda what she’s been learning, her expressive language skills are exploding!! My anxiety about learning sign and teaching Fiona language are gone now that Lindsays helping us. It’s great! Anyhow that took up most of the morning. I’m finally down in my studio. I worked  in here yesterday during nap time. 

For some reason I had/ have the desire to work on some narrative pieces. I had an uncomfortable feeling inside me all day yesterday, it followed me to the studio. It might have something to do with the crankiness of Jack and Fiona and my own crankiness! It took all day to get the kitchen clean. I came down here when I put the babies down for thier nap with a sink full of dirty dishes waiting for me. 

I thought it was important to at least have an hour of free expression after a morning of whining, billy panting and pulling me on our walk, Fiona throwing her shoe out on the street, which I didn’t notice till we got home, snotty noses dripping everywhere, one of those exhausting days!!  

Jack had crayons in his poop this morning! We’ve been coloring in the mornings after breakfast but I think he eats more crayon than gets on the paper. 

I’m going to get to work now. I have about 2 hours. Not long enough! That’s the big difference between having kids and not having kids. My time is not my own anymore. My time belongs to Jack and Fiona. I am on duty 24 hours a day. 


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