Patience, everything takes time. 

There’s a bright red stripe along the horizon this morning, the house is quiet, it’s 6:00 am Sunday. It feels good to have some time to write. This week was hard with the time change I couldn’t get up early enough before Jack and Fiona to write. We’ve also all been sick and tired. In addition it’s been a week of extra teaching and mommy duty. We focused on eating turkey soup instead of cookies and reading books instead of watching bubble guppies. After a couple days of withdraws, breakdowns, and freak outs it seemed Jack and Fiona forgot all about bubble guppies and cookies. When I let the babies watch an episode last night while Alan and I finished our dinner they were ecstatic! Someday they’ll learn things mean even more when you have to wait for them. 

Yesterday a long wait of mine came to an end, I went to the third workshop taught by Carl and Heather. This time my two friends came along. It was a whole year ago that one of my friends and I planned on going to the mixed media intensives workshop but we never made it until now. All three of us have been through so much in the past year. It was so wonderful to spend the day with them. With people that know me, have known me for a long time, know me as an artist, understand me and accept me. Finally some friend time! The whole vibe in the workshop was awesome too. Creativity was in full force but beyond that I kept thinking how nice it was. How supportive Carl and Heather are and how they create such a positive atmosphere.   I feel very lucky. I need to remember that these gatherings will happen through my life. I will spend time with close friends, and I just need to have patience and trust that it will happen always. Even if it takes  a year! 

The work I did yesterday was incredible. I felt very tuned in and broke through more barriers. Since my first workshop with Heather and Carl I’ve really made a lot of progress with my line and trusting myself. Heather always tells me “you need to trust yourself.” I’m getting closer. 

I’ve learned a lot this week. The babies are waking up now, I’m still short on time, but there will be more time in the future.  In teaching the babies about patience I’m learning too. 

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