The Sky Rumbles as I tell myself “just enjoy” fighting the monday scramble list of “to do’s” 

I’ve broke my new rule this morning, Jack and Fiona are watching bubble guppies eating cereal bars while I try to get my mind organized. Inside the house shadows cast  as rain falls from the sky outside pitter pattering on the roof. I just made myself a fresh cup of coffee and put on a second episode of bubble guppies for the babies. I haven’t made them breakfast yet, But did read books and tell them the story of thunder and lightning. 

“Jack are you scared?”


I think to myself they have so much to learn.

“It’s caused by electricity in the sky”

I give him a big hug and kiss. 

After I give the explanation Jack doesn’t cry after the thunder anymore. 

I have, well I feel like I have many obstacles today, limiting my freedom to work in the studio. The list of “to do’s”

Laundry, making appointments, things if I just took care of they’d be done. Even in regards to my studio there is a lot of organizing and cleaning that needs to be done. These are the times when nothing gets done. Just the worrying about what needs to get done. 

I think the best thing to do is work first in my studio, maybe give myself two hours of freedom when Lindsay gets here. Then, take Billy for a walk, take a shower and do the laundry. I could make the appointments now after I finish writing. 

The mind gets in the way. 

I had such a great day at the workshop  on Saturday. The good feeling lasted with me all night and all day Sunday. The babies and my husband reeped the rewards too. I was a great mom and wife! I had lots of love to give. I was operating from a fresh perspective. It was good. 

Pitter patter pitter patter

My mind feels more organized now! I’ve got it all figured out, thank you bubble guppies! Time to make breakfast and appointments!  


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