Recycled journal project, letting go

I’m finally starting to see a merging between my old journal pages, paper, and paint. It has been really challenging for me to get a more “literary” feel in my paintings without being too “literal” When I started this week with the old journal pages I got caught up in the words, the memory. When I started attaching the pieces to my paper and adding paint it didn’t make sense. There was no composition and the paint and mark making didn’t jive with the journal pages. I tore a bunch of pages out of my journal and laid them on my studio floor. I added coffee stains then let paint drip on them, I messed them up, I added something from the now. They started to speak to me in a new way, a fresh way. Today I don’t even feel like reading the old entries anymore. Yesterday in our parents group at early start, I told the group what I had been working on and some of the difficulties. The group therapist said “maybe you’re not ready to let go of them yet” I said “maybe”  but inside at that moment I felt and knew I was ready, 100% to let go of that story, to those words and the way they were written, the way they make me feel.To only reference it lightly, to turn it into a new story, a new unconfined energy,  something in the present. My history will always be with me, inside me, and come out on the page. But I can practice letting go of the constricting stuff. 


2 thoughts on “Recycled journal project, letting go

  1. I like the colours you’re using here. I’m not a visual artist by any means, but this piece speaks to me. The colours are soft in tone, but assertive in application. Ya…that’s what I’m getting. An artist once told me that there is no wrong answer when it comes to viewing art. The viewers interpretation opens up thoughts and feelings that the artist themselves might not have expected or even intended. I like it a lot.

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