My new routine, revisited and what’s all this talk about Prayer?

6:30am, I’ve been waking up really early this week. Before 7AM I consider “my time” In the past that’s when I’ve been writing, but this week I decided to work in my books, even if it’s just for twenty minutes. Long ago, I lived in a wherehouse space in West Oakland on Union Street. I worked in Berkeley, then the city. I usually had to be at work by 8:00 or 9:00 AM. I would wake up early every morning, have my coffee and toast, listen to music and paint or sculpt. Then frantically ride my bike to work in Berkeley or to BART when I started working in the city. I always just barely made it on time. It feels good to get into the practice of laying down a few marks in the morning. It leaves me feeling connected to my work, myself. I feel more “present” throughout the day. It feels easier to give 100% to the babies, I’m not being pulled as hard to create because I’ve already had an outlet for the day. 

This week there were several deadly attacks around the world, lots of people died. I feel like this is going to be a constant thing that happens regularly. Yesterday a few terrorists hit Paris. On Facebook this morning there is post after post saying “pray for Paris” what does that mean? And what will it do? The terrorists said they did the bombing for Syria, where so many people are dying and continue to die and suffer. I fear that this attack will only cause more dying, possibly at the hands of France and the US. Is this the beginning of WW3? If France or the US do retaliate for this attack there will be more innocent lives lost. I don’t think praying will stop it. It makes me mad. And Sad.   


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