My stomach aches from all the yogurt covered pretzals, brittle and chocolate truffle I ate mindlessly stuffing the sickly sweet crunchy pieces of candy into my mouth. I almost had a cup of coffee too, but I refrained and had a cup of stress reliever instead.  I’m in my studio, fan on, maybe I should turn it off, it’s loud. Yes, that’s better. My babies are taking a nap, sweet little creatures. My Mother in Law is here from Ireland. She hasn’t seen the babies since they were six months old. They are behaving quite nicely so far. They appreciated the gifts she sent and are enjoying her company. We all sat and had coffee and tea and above mentioned treats, but then it was quiet time, nap time, painting time. I need to let everyone know, all the holiday visitors, people on vacation, husband, during naptime the house shuts down. The kitchen is closed. I’ll be in my studio. Otherwise I might go crazy, plus I have a lot of work to do. The Global Art Project is in full swing. We’ve got several shows next year and lots of work to do both independently and collaboratively.  

Thats exciting. 

 My Blunder was writing about how I felt the other day when I felt bombarded by the comments about the hair cuts when I dropped Jack and Fiona off to school.  I upset someone and I am sorry about that. I didn’t mean it personally. I felt the way I felt and I tried to understand why. I tried to write about it. It was an observation on societal norms I guess, the way girls are supposed to look with long curly hair, pretty, and boys should just look like boys. I wish it wasn’t like that. I get defensive and insecure when I feel like people are questioning my decisions I make. It’s weird. Maybe I allow it by being so inquisitive, maybe it’s mistaken as a weekness, or as if I need help making decisions.Why am I going down this road? I end this here. 

I can hear the babies on the monitor upstairs talking to Maureen and Lindsay. I feel like I Should   be up there with them, but I have to clean this studio first! I will turn off the monitor and turn on some music and get this ship back in order! 


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