Time Flies

 Here it is, or should I say here I am. My one year anniversary writing my DirtyLaundryBlog.com ! I can’t believe a years gone by already, and that I’ve written almost daily. It’s been an amazing experience, I love my morning routine, drinking my coffee, writing while the house is quiet, before Jack and Fiona wake up. The mornings I wake up late and don’t have time to write I feel like somethings missing. Just like when too many days go without working in my studio. Anyhow, I’m in my studio now, I had some time to paint, and now write a bit. Speaking of milestones, I took the babies to the Discovery Museum yesterday. It was beautiful, the sun was shining bright. When we got inside I was able to let Jack and Fiona walk, they stayed much closer than the last time we came here. We walked by the instruments, they only stopped at one, then the hula hoops, they laughed at me as I tried to hoop, then into the Tot Spot. It was surreal, Jack and Fiona were the big kids now. They could master all the play structures and push to make bubbles in the frog exhibit and put the correct shapes in the big puzzle. They were easy to watch, I wasn’t down on my hands and knees looking through holes to see where each baby was as they ran in opposite directions. Yesterday they stayed closer to each other, played on the same things, until Fiona got tired, but then she stayed right by me as we followed Jack around. It’s hard to believe how fast they grow, how quickly they mature.

How quickly time passes. That’s been my biggest theme this year. I am shocked by every day how fast it’s going.  Every day I feel closer to the opposite of birth. But I try to find ways to make the most of my days. I’ve learned that sometimes that means doing nothing, not feeling guilty about it and knowing that I am still living life to its fullest. I feel like painting more now. I might have thirty minutes left. Then my time will be up in here. Time to go!

2 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. You have no idea how fast the time passes. My babies are now 41 and soon to be 44 and it was just yesterday that they were babies . Makes me sad

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