Naptime. Chimes blowing outside my window. Muffled voices from the landscapers working across the street. A crows faint cawing. The truck engine starts, I hear a cough from Jack. I wonder how long do I have left? I had time for naptime paintings, time to write this. I’m feeling spoiled. Maybe I earned good karma by letting Jack play with a funnel, a small cup, big cup,  and pouring water back and fourth through all three vessels, spilling a little each time, saying “I did it” each time, until there was no water left, only a wet floor, wet counter, wet shirt, and wet towels I used to wipe up the water. 

There are dishes to be done, meals to prep, a dog to be walked. I still need a shower. There is laundry to put away. But I have the grocery shopping done and stuff for dinner. I think I’ll be ok. It’s such a beautiful day. No sense in filling up the day with busy work. Just focus on the things that must be done. Save some work for tomorrow. 

I wonder when they will wake? I’ll miss naptime when it’s gone. This quiet peaceful Bliss. 

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