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Fiona is learning three languages at once, “see sign”, ASL, and English,  so is Jack but “spoken English” comes naturally to Jack because he can hear. Fiona on the other hand has to pay attention to every word spoken or signed. And that’s just learning the word, not the context, she has to pay attention long enough and watch the person talking long enough to get enough of the word meanings, then she has to remember it all, because when she’s in the other room or her back is facing me she doesn’t understand or hear what I’m saying. She may hear a noise, but not words and phrases. Jack on the other hand can hear if I say the word “cookie” and he’s in the living room watching cartoons. I think this is why Fiona always wants to be close to me or Lindsay, or any adult around.  

I am learning “see sign” and ASL, I’ve been taking lessons in “see sign” at Early Start and ASL with Lindsay. It’s alot and sometimes my brain shuts down and I can’t remember my signs. My goal is to be fluent by fall, Fiona will be three next year and it’s always been very important to me that she grows up with a strong foundation in ASL. I’d like the whole family to be fluent, but Alan hasn’t jumped on board. 

It’s been challenging to stay calm, in the moment, remember my sign language,   And take care of Jack and Fiona at the same time, because they are two years old and there’s two of them! They Need discipline, because they are getting up to some CRAZY things lately, they are also learning the art of mommy manipulation! “My leg” limp, limp! “Oh my gosh Jack, are you ok? Does it hurt really bad?”  “No” he says.  Not cool Jack, not cool! 

I haven’t had much time to write or paint in the past couple of weeks. But I painted these two yesterday in response to Donald Trump and all the other Republicans talking about womens rights and freedoms. 

I think everyone should just plaster pictures of vaginas everywhere. They are so scared of vaginas. I say DOWN WITH THE PATRIARCHY!!  ( I’m OK with Bernie being president though because he understands that vaginas and uteruses are a womans responsibility, thanks Bernie!) 

I still love Hilary too and think she rocks! I listened to the interview with her and Rachel  Maddow  and was once again relieved to hear SOMEONE talking about important things and The REALITY of the current situation in the WORLD. She sounds smart and amazing in my opinion. I started watching Bernies interview too but need to finish. He just seems like a really nice guy. 

It’s Saturday morning, babies awake now! We’re headed to Oakland to check out the Terry Hoff show at Fourth Wall Gallery.  

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