A New Beginning

  1. A New Beginning


Mid July, I start to find brown leaves on the ground, interesting seed pods. The wind blows a little more. I can feel time traveling away from summer towards the fall. Life will look different once again. Jack and Fiona will be closer to four, how has the time flown. New projects will be started, new writing, new paintings to paint. It feels a little bit sad. I feel a little bit sad. The chimes make beautiful noises outside. The crows caw, dragon flies and humming birds still flutter around. I can hear children at the park and music playing somewhere. Disintegrated hornet nests, vacated stains on the deck, cracked fence posts.  Stains that never disappear. The circle of bee’s swarming the white fragrant magnolia flower. How everything goes from still and quiet to chimes ringing, airplanes roaring through the blue sky under light feathery clouds. Old dry spider webs on the fence and the house. Shadows from sconces, rectangular down. Round shadows with little circles from the table. Shadows from plants. It’s a new beginning, but only today. I do not know what’s going to happen tomorrow. I can only loosely follow my plans and the tick of the clock. The rise of the sun and moon. My memories fading and recreating into new stories. I like to look at old wood, fencepost, beach scatterings. They hold so much information, someday I will be part of that pile on the sand.

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