Fire Storm and SAKE

What I did today- I went to the City of San Rafael to look at the property lines of the home owner’s association common areas. I did this because a few weeks ago I noticed the scotch broom was thick, between the oak trees and bay trees about 50 feet from my house.  I noticed the open space surrounding our neighborhood had thick scotch broom, a dead tree, and piles of fallen trees and debris from the drought followed by winter storms that knocked down trees. I started worrying, then I talked to some neighbors, a few us came up with a game plan and found someone to do the work. Then a person in my community questioned if this could really all be our responsibility. So, I found out, and it is. I would have continued the work anyhow because it’s gotta be done regardless. Then, I rejoined Next door. I had inactivated my account after Trump won because there were a bunch of crazy people on there flagging anyone who was upset that Trump won, like we were breaking the rules of Next Door. I thought that was so dumb. Anyhow I reactivated my account just to share my concerns about another piece of land, the trail I hike with my dog, that is owned by people who lost money on it, they wanted to build houses but the lands too expensive to build on. It has two active landslides that took out one of the main roads. The gas company has a pipeline on the land, a small portion is their responsibility. I made a post saying how much we all love the land we hike on and thanking the people who clear the trail year after year. I said the hill needed to be cleaned better. I am going to the code enforcers Monday, but there’s probably no way to force the land owners to fork out the money to clean up the land from scotch broom and dead trees. Maybe if we met with the land owner the community could make a deal, turn the land into a park and we’ll all pitch in the get it fire ready. That’s how crazy I am. I decided today I don’t care what people think of me. I’m going to do what I think is right and if I see a way I may be able to contribute to my community I’m gonna do it.

Yesterday I was feeling so sad about the earth and the fires I almost canceled my NEW private sign language lessons! But my teacher wasn’t available today, so I pulled through and showed up to my lesson yesterday. I felt so much better after my lesson and was able to fully do my lesson. I followed through on my goal of trying to sign the entire hour, I asked the questions I had, it taught me again to be careful of isolating myself when I’m depressed. I came back and turned on some cool sign language cartoons and Jack and Fiona tried to do the signs. I already feel more comfortable signing in public after just one lesson. Next week we are meeting with my daughter and her best friend, who also has hearing loss. My sign teacher, me, and the two little girls, four years old, are doing a play date. My goal is to get my daughter and her best friend to start using sign together this year.

There’s nothing sadder than the end of a bottle of SAKE! That just happened to me. I’ve been saving this bottle of chef Morimoto’s nigori sparkling cider for a special occasion. That occasion turned out to be today. I had no idea Saki had such a high alcohol content. I’ve made moves towards the future, I’ve acted. I haven’t checked the news every five minutes, as if California would stop burning. I just accept the fact that we will burn. We are not only known for our waves, now we’re known for our flames. They fly high and hot. This is my reality. This is my world.

Darn I’m bummed about my SAKE! Opening another bottle would be bad. What to do, what to do.

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