Part of Rabbit Hole Fridays

I have one painting I really like today. It’s called “Referee for my mind”. The creation of the painting hasn’t  started refereeing my mind yet. I’m still falling down the rabbit hole or in the mouse trap. I got many things done, remembered to do many things, then at 1:00PM I came to my studio. I made an interesting painting, started two new notebooks, plus almost finished a GIANT Sketchbook. Took pictures of the GAP, (Global Art Project) Brooklyn Sketchbook Number Three. I’m sending that to the next member on Monday. I went to the art store and got some supplies. It’s been a productive day. My biggest worry is I’m getting sick. My chest feels funny and everyone in my family has been sick multiple times, but not me. It could be my turn. I have been super tired lately.

My little boy Jack was a sweetheart all day. I wonder if writing about it just gave the horrible things, he does less power in my mind? Maybe he’s still acting the same way and I am just more accepting? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter why. I hope my mind clears up soon.

I am drinking a beer. Sometimes that helps. But I just feel tired. At least I worked in my studio today. I have fifteen minutes to go until I need to go in the house and figure things out. I have to figure things out. I’m on that wheel, but it’s foggy and hard to see. Things are shaky right now. I think I said that yesterday too. I just heard my son at my studio door, he knocked and said hello. I didn’t answer. I still have ten minutes.

We watched videos together this morning. Jack and Fiona were babies. Jack was laughing so hard at himself. He was so cute and adorable. He was the sweetest baby. Jack always wanted to be near me or for me to hold him. Fiona was much more independent.

I need to go soon. I am going to write often, like I used to. But the weekends are always hard. It’s hard to find the time. I miss my residency on Sundays. That was the best.

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