My dogs getting old and my kids are going to kindergarten

“You should keep track of your dog” the lady said from down the fire trail as I walked away. I had just asked them if they’d seen my dog. I thought of things I could reply, my dog is old, why would you say that anyhow? It’s kind of mean. I’m worried about my old dog on a hot day. But I kept walking. I knew Billy was probably near our car. I worried about the rangers and the SPCA, I worried, what if she died and is on the side of the trail and the coyotes are eating her. Poor girls getting old. I can’t take her on hot summer hikes anymore. Shade only from now on. This was the first time I’ve ever been separated from one of my dogs on the trails, except for the times they went after a racoon, skunk, coyote, rabbit, or deer. But that was when they were young. Billy is not chasing wild animals anymore. She’s such a good dog. I’m gonna miss her. My kids are going to kindergarten and my dogs getting old. My back is so sore I can’t even believe it. My neck. My body is pure stress. I’ve been working so hard at digging deep in all aspects of my life. I can’t believe I had to endure a lady chastising me on the trail. Ironically when I got in my car there was a show on KPFA about Ann Rand.

I did work in my studio, prepping my panels and painting on small works of paper, working on comp and imagery. Trying to stay as minimal as possible.

IMG_6774 (Edited)

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