Sink in, reel in the spacious surrounds

Blue sky, Kindergarten teachers voice from inside house echo Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. Children’s stories, unicorns, rainbows, invisible, morphing super hero. House school restaurant.

Breaking News. Pandemic. Meditate. Everyday. Breath. Panic. Worry. Fear. Remembering, reminding myself. BE Here.

Relax in the worry. Bring Peace to my space. My children’s as we live in a time of death, sickness, poverty, and true blacktop despair.

A white paint strip in a vacant parking lot. Out of site, but only for a short time until the tide swells and the vacant cold hot greasy blacktop parking lot out if site in the shadows of a desolate casino fills clear across the United Streets.

White tents with a skeleton crew of doctors and nurses emerging in each vacant dirty pissed on shit on spit on died on blacktop across America.

I return to my reality right now today in this imperfect fucked up moment. I return to a special guest singer echoing from online kindergarten playing a song playing the guitar. My little small innocent children, enjoying connecting with their classmates virtually. A hawk squeaks overhead.

The meeting is ending I must start teaching Math Writing And Reading.

Resist the urge to read the news. Please please I need to relax. I need downtime. A peaceful home. Help me resist the news. Help me stay in kid land playing and hanging out with my kids.

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