Whirl Wind

That’s how my day felt. Like the spin cycle. It didn’t stop me from laughing during my morning meditation. Laugh at my 7:00 AM thoughts when both kids were up already, before my coffee and breakfast. Muttering under my breath as I boiled water, made toast, fuck shit fuck. I just wanted some time alone to eat in peace.

I laughed when I thought about myself feeling so frustrated. It’s been go, go, go since then. We painted, made cookies, played outside, and Jack and Fiona both finished their homework. I did turn in “alternative” assignments. Sometimes the things they ask the kids to do the kids balk at. I’ve gone both ways, forcing them to do the official class assignments and using the guidelines and coming up with my own assignments. I get way better results when I create new assignments inspired by the official assignments. I hope this will be O.K..

I was able to work on paintings outside as the kids played and painted. I decided To work on paintings that are colorful. To get into painting for the sake of painting. Narrative paintings, self portraits. Meditative. Insulating. Cushions of color and light. Protective. Shelter in Place Homeschooling paintings.

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