Day One of 20 days in a Pandemic Art Project!

I’m not sure how to organize my new project on my blog. I want to have my daily journal separate from my main page/Blog Posts. How can I do that? I created a Page, but I’m not sure where it is on the page, if it’s easy to find. I need to ponder this. But I can tell you it feels DAMN good to be working on a project. Who knows what it will turn out like? I don’t know. I am envisioning 20 different pieces of work, some type of installation. With writing. I want little written pieces that correspond with the work. I’ve gotten started at least. I guess I wonder, can I go back and edit my writings? If it’s journal entries? What is the relationship between the physical gallery space and my blog/ physical artwork and writing? Many questions to answer, many fun questions.

I want to keep my blog separate because I will have much to write about Fiona’s education/cochlear implant journey. I have so many questions there too and major concerns about mainstream.

My time is up today.

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