Day Seven of 20 Days in a Pandemic

Today is Sunday. The birds are singing, the sky is blue. Fiona glues colorful cotton balls on popsicle sticks. Jack was making a castle but burnt his hand with the hot glue, now he’s taking a break.

Jack working on building a castle

Last night my husband and I had our first date night. The sky was streaked with pink and blue, the street lined with lights. We sat outside on a slanted table set up on blacktop. Cars drove past with radios on.

I felt safe from coronavirus. It was a different nightlife than ever. There were no people walking down the street, no nightlife at all. Only a couple restaurants with tables set up outside. After dinner we walked up and down the Main drag.

Storefront after storefront empty and for lease. So many businesses just gone from our little downtown.

I don’t know if I can work on art today or not. It’s a hard day for me to get away from the family. I still haven’t bought groceries and the fridge is empty. There’s much to do to prepare for our upcoming week. I did clean the classroom last night.

Could I say I’m going to work in my studio today?

Could I ask for that time alone on a Sunday?

Could I say I don’t want to be the butler today?

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