Day Eleven

My piles of laundry still stare at me, actually now it’s one pile, one HUGE pile of clean laundry. I got the pfff last night as my husband searched for clean underwear. My strategy is to first sort the clean clothes, then begin folding, then put away, at least this way I can put my husbands basket of clean clothes right in front of his empty drawers.

Problem solved, for now. I do have dinner stuff, last night my creation of spanish rice, sausage, and broccolini was met with unfriendly eyes. Tonight I will put my best foot forward.

I was able to work in my studio today.

Women’s sewing circle
Every woman’s place

I found a cardboard container of sewing needles. I took the needles out and used the cardboard for collage. The cardboard said women’s sewing circle. I covered it up. I also used my favorite old book pages. I’m out of paint and paintbrushes, mine are all old and gross. I’m using the kids paintbrushes and Elmer’s glue. I plan on buying new art supplies soon for myself.

I feel a bit sad today. Maybe it’s the smokey sky or the fires burning nearby or the red flag warning or the wind storm coming tonight. Maybe its domesticity and my house wife duties, maybe it’s Fiona’s face in my mind, tears in her eyes from more FM problems.

On our end the FM is fixed but during class there’s often extreme static. It’s loud and horrible. Fiona can’t understand what’s being said. tears well up in her eyes and I just want to hug her. She loves school and wants to learn.

Experiences like these make me feel sad and mad again that Fiona’s entire education is based around her hearing. She does have an interpreter and today asked if she could turn off the main class Zoom and have Her interpreter tell her what to do. They got off to a rocky start in Kindergarten but now I think Fiona knows she has to rely on her interpreter even if they don’t have the best relationship.

I can start filling out my application now for Sonoma State Credentialing program. My ASL teacher at Gallaudet said to get a BA in special ed from Sonoma State and an online MA in Deaf Education from Gallaudet. She said many of the special education programs teach outdated information in regards to Deaf education.

It’s sort if a sad time right now, I think.

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