Category: a new beginning

Space: Claim, let go Closet space. A must. Dried flowers. Desk space. Private. Dank. Dresses and books. Debt. Notes and piles. A box of Miscellaneous: A hammer, clamp, spray tip for the outdoor faucet, a garden shovel, an innertube, a piece of a toilet paper bar, a screw driver, an incense burner, an exact knife, […]

My Peloton bike sits on the floor in front of me. Sleek, black, tablet (screen dark, no class on) shoes next to my bike, Velcro straps sticking up, purple three-pound weights, the cord, bike to electrical outlet. My Facebook “Peloton Challenge group”, that I’ve been part of for almost two months rests at my fingertips, […]

 Muddy trails, Billy, my dog, followed me. She ran slower, took time to sniff the scent of coyote and Jack rabbit. I smelt the fresh rain-soaked air, listened to the bird’s chirp, was careful on my descent down the slippery hillsides. Fingers icy cold, heart beats quickly as I go up-hill. Clouds and blue sky […]