Category: a new beginning

My Peloton bike sits on the floor in front of me. Sleek, black, tablet (screen dark, no class on) shoes next to my bike, Velcro straps sticking up, purple three-pound weights, the cord, bike to electrical outlet. My Facebook “Peloton Challenge group”, that I’ve been part of for almost two months rests at my fingertips, […]

 Muddy trails, Billy, my dog, followed me. She ran slower, took time to sniff the scent of coyote and Jack rabbit. I smelt the fresh rain-soaked air, listened to the bird’s chirp, was careful on my descent down the slippery hillsides. Fingers icy cold, heart beats quickly as I go up-hill. Clouds and blue sky […]

I notice tiny little leaves at the end of each branch on our fig tree. They look like green origami ready to move in slow motion and take a new shape. I tell my husband I can’t believe winter is over, it seems like it never got cold, that the yard was never barren this […]

I was staring at a painting in my studio, hung with six push pins. I hung the paper up today, painted it and collaged it. It’s a large piece of thick water color paper, 50” x 48”. I started it and finished in one day, which is impractical. It’s delicate paper, it’s large, where will […]

  I’ve always been a loner. I feel comfortable on the hills, the trails, looking out my window at the blue sky. Listening to the hawks on a cold January day. It’s quiet, my dogs by my side. Or sitting writing or painting in my studio. Nowadays to fill most of my social needs I join […]

Yesterday was the last day of my solo show at Fourth Wall Gallery! The show was a huge success and in the end I think I sold enough paintings to begin funding my next book and series of paintings!!! I am SO THANK FULL to my collectors who bought my work and Believe in me!!!! […]

2008, I first think Obama, then it says Time For Change in a circle boarder with three paws and it says PETCO. Then I think that’s the year my mom died, and I realize 2008 was a long time ago. I grab a scoop of Billy’s dog food, that’s what I came in the pantry […]