Stand still situation

How will I get through the rest of the day?  I am not complaining, I am serious. I pick my baby girl up out of her crib at 7:00 am. She gives me a big smile. I hug her, she coughs, I think it’s just something stuck in her throat. She can’t be sick. She just had the flu a month ago. It’s throw up. I feed her her bottle, she can’t keep it down. I go down to get Jack. His PJ’s are peed. I bring him up naked to let him air out. I take off Fionas diaper too, I’m about to  put new diapers and outfits on both babies. Fiona pees on the floor, Jack prances around with his naked body. Fiona starts throwing up again. There’s throw up on the kitchen floor, pieces of bread and cheerios. They have doctors appointments to get the measles shot at 10:45. I don’t bring Fiona. Ramona takes care of Fiona, while I bring Jack to the doctor. Since we’ve been home both babies are crying, Fionas throwing up, and Ramona is sick. I only have one and a half hours left until Ramona goes home. My lap top isn’t working so I have to write this on my IPhone. I’m not complaining. I’m feeling wiped out. I need to do something rejuvenating. Billy is limping, she keeps escaping at night. I don’t have time to work in the studio, unless I do some really quick paintings. Or exercise? What will make me feel like I can handle the rest of the day? Drugs. Just kidding! 

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