The Sweetest Part

The moment we get into the nursery we all relax. Just upstairs Jack and Fiona were crying, grabbing the spoon, covering themselves in pea soup. Me, getting more and more frustrated, looking at the mess to clean after I put the babies to bed. Downstairs I set the lighting, I turn on a nursery songs cd. I take off Fionas clothes covered in crusty reminders of today, then Jacks. I fill the tub. I take off my clothes too, after the bath we do skin to skin. Fiona blows onto my belly like Alan and I have been doing to them to make them laugh. The babies walk around the nursery in thier diapers, they mouth their teddies, look at books, show me pictures in “Whats on my head” and “The hungry Caterpillar.” I relax on the futon, I get to see moments when they sit side by side analyzing the same book or toy. Every few minutes they come over to me, climb over my legs, lay next to me. I try to give Jack a cuddle but he rejects, he wants to be free. Fiona gladly accepts a hug. They practice their walking and clapping skills until they get so tired they start focussing on their lovey’s. It’s time to put their pajamas on and feed them their bottles. I say goodnite and leave the nursery. I am glad most of my workday is done, except I still need to cook dinner and clean the kitchen. I feel satisfied with the job I did with the babies, and part of me misses them already. 

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