My Advice List for New Moms of Twins

Since it getting close to my birthday I’ve decided to write my Advice list for new moms with twins. This is being written one year into raising twins.

*This list is for entertainment purposes ONLY

#1. When you first bring the babies home you need help. Choose wisely, avoid letting anyone come live with you that drives you crazy.

#2. Lower your expectations about getting anything done.

#3. One day you’ll feel like you’ve given up everything. Like you’ve stopped doing everything you did before. You’ll wonder who you are. Are you just a milk machine? A maid? Don’t worry, this too shall pass.

#4. When you remember who you are again and some of the things you enjoyed doing become clear again, it’s still too soon to do them, you’ll be too damn tired.

#5. Everyone’s going to want to come see the babies. If you don’t want company just say NO! They’ll get over it. They are your babies and it’s your life.

#6. Don’t stop going to therapy.

#7. If you feel you are really depressed talk to your doctor. Don’t be ashamed to get on Zolof.

#8. If you need sunshine get some. #9. Do yoga and walk as much as you can, ideally every day.

#10. Take hot baths with mineral salts.

#11. Stay Calm.

#12. Your relationship with your partner will be strained. Try to have a date night as often as you can.

#13. Find another new mom of twins to hang out with. Preferably one who’s super cool, down to earth, likes to go on walks, and is down to share a bottle of wine with you even if it’s before noon.

#14. Try to eat healthy food and drink lots of water.

#15. Get the babies on the same schedule as much as possible.

#16. Get them on their tummies, they will crawl sooner this way. The more they can do to entertain themselves the more time you’ll have to drink coffee and write advice lists.

#17. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t feel sexual, that’s just the way it is, your partner will have to understand. In time you guys will reconnect and enjoy a sex life again.

#18. Take care of your body. Use lots of lotion and try to get a pedicure, maybe even a massage.

#19. Don’t take any moment for granted.

#20. Learn meditation.

#21. You’ll say you want to learn to play the guitar so you can play songs and sing to the babies. It’s not gonna happen. Accept it.

#22. Don’t get offended if some of your best friends don’t come see the babies. They still love you.

#23. Get outside with the babies every day.

#24. Remember every moment will pass.

#25. Emotions aren’t reality, they are temporary.

#26. You’ll lose yourself but you will be found.

#27. You’ll be inundated with stuff, purge as often as you can.

#28. Don’t forget they are only babies for a short time.

#29. Try to get at least one day to yourself. Tell your partner your life depends on it. If you can’t think of anything to do, go to the mall, get a coffee, pedicure, and some lunch. Try to meet a friend.

#30. Stock up on pain pills for the first few months, you’ll have neck and back pain like you’ve never know before. You’ll get stronger though, don’t worry.

#31. Don’t worry about the babies crying, babies cry, it’s in their nature. You can’t always stop them. If it starts to really bother you wear headphones and listen to music.

#32. Don’t focus too much on division of labor between you and your partner. You’ll do this at first and it takes up too much energy. Just accept it’s never going to be equal.

#33. Read as much advice about raising twins as you want but always follow your own heart.

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