Getting ready for second rhythm and Presence workshop  

I am here. Sticky boots. Back pain. Neck. Thirst. Headache. Exhausted. That’s my physical body. But I’m excited because tomorrow is the second workshop with Heather and Carl. 


Since our last meeting,  I don’t think I’ve missed many days in my studio. I am constantly fretting over my paper situation. Paper is a drug to me. I get a rush when I have it, when it runs out I feel depressed. 


I haven’t spent nearly as much time on my lap top writing and editing longer pieces. I’ve been writing blog posts quickly on my iphone. 

I have new thoughts and feelings about Fiona and her hearing loss and all the experiences I’m having. Child Rearing. The new meaning of MaMa. The Intensity. The becoming my deepest secret. My most revealed. My only truth, unable to disguise. 

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