No one is innocent, and a day of art and artists 

No one is innocent, we are in an endless war. We all profit from the suffering of others, we all use products derived from oil, every country in the world is connected in some way through a history of oppression. We can’t escape it, we can’t ignore it, we can’t hide from it. We are all guilty. As I read more about the crisis in Syria and learn more about history in the middle east I realize how complicated the story is, but also unfixable, in my lifetime anyhow. So I need to accept this, accept that so many people are suffering, I feel just as bad for the extemists. Not the ones at the top, the ones with the power just like here or anywhere. Power corrupts. But I feel for the young fighters and suicide bombers. I can only imagine what horrible things they’ve seen in thier lifetime. I don’t feel bad for the ones raised in the US or France or England. Kids that had it all then decided to go kill people. But they exist, it all exists here and now and probably forever. I accept this fate. It makes sense that it would come to this. 

  Now for the good news! Today I am meeting up with Carl and Alvaro to work on a GAP collab, my first one! I’m excited. Then tonight I’m going to see Patti Smith give a talk on her book M Train. Which is also very exciting. Her book is amazing,I Feel  soothed   by her   Voice. 

The babies are doing good, we’ve gone to the park and taken a walk. Now we’re eating toast with butter and marmalade and I’m on my second cup of coffee. I almost lost it for a minute because I really needed to write and after I spent so much time with the babies they still wouldn’t play on their own.  Until now. 

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