And so it goes, Feeling a Change happening

There’s so much I want to write about right now because it’s been several days since I’ve written and so much has happened, personally and globally. Where do I begin? The present is probably best. First of all I’m running out of time as usual, it’s 3:40PM, it’s a studio day but it took me so long to get activated this morning I didn’t get into my studio till noon. I did have an exciting day working, still feeling the after effects of working on Colabs with Carl and Alvaro the other day, as well as my new energy I’ve accumulated from processing transitions that have happened inside me. The other day I was hiking up my trail with Billy, noticing the fallen leaves and green moss on the trees. The week before had been distressing to me. I was catapulted back to the day President Bush bombed Iraq, seeing it live on the TV in the 24hour fitness gym locker room. I was in shock. The worry came over me immediately when I heard of the Paris bombings, not only for the people killed that day but for all the retaliation that would come from America, France, and Britain, and all the innocent lives destroyed in a never ending war. But I came to terms with this new world, I can only act through being myself. I believe we are all connected in this world, I cannot escape suffering or avoid the suffering of others, or change it in any big way.  When I started working today I felt a freedom I haven’t felt in a long time. A rebellion of any type of pre-set ideas or categories I need to be or be in. I have a new found militant rebellion against stagnation. Part of this is most definitely from working with other like-minded free thinking artists.


Then there’s the babies. We have turned a page, this brings sadness because they are growing so fast and moving farther away from me in their exploration of this world, but also becoming part of the human race. They accompanied me on a Gallery excursion, an hour away. We went to lunch and saw the show, the babies were perfect. (For two year olds) They got along with my friends and my friends liked them. It was really cool, I was glad they were with me because it was such a fun day and I wanted them to see art. On Saturday I wanted to work in my notebook and color with the babies. I set everything up and started working. At first the babies ate paint, fiddled around, left the table to do other things, then came back, while I kept working. Then, about a half hour later I had both babies starting to express pure creativity. They started doing their own things, coloring, painting, stamping, stickering. I was surprised to learn that babies need time to get creative too, a warm up. It was exciting.


And so it goes and so it goes. Things are looking good.

One thought on “And so it goes, Feeling a Change happening

  1. It is so lovely to have a small window into your life. It is great to hear about your compassion for our world. And it is so heartwarming to read about how you share your creativity with your babies and encourage them so openly. Also it is fantastic to hear how much you are getting out of your collaborations. You are a great role model and example to us all 🙂 Thank you 🙂


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