I was planning on writing what I know about life so far but I just made the most amazing pieces for my recycled Journal Project!

Really! I just got in my studio about an hour ago, late start today. Linda from Early Start did a home visit with Fiona this morning. The morning started off busy and off kilter, I was on domesctic duty, housewife and mommy Thanksgiving and everyday since then, so this morning I had to remember who I was again. I messed up my gym reservation for spin, got my times messed up, had to organize and put away all the toys from the weekend, clean the kitchen, dishes, to be ready for Linda. I also needed to take my dog, my bad dog Billy for a walk. She ran off after a coyote and didn’t come home for two hours. I was worried, called the sherriff right as she trotted in the yard and threw up all over the back yard. After Linda left it took awhile for the babies to wind down and take a nap. I finally got in my studio, after putting in another load of laundry on the way. I  started working on my recycled journal project, adding stitching this time. Heathers teaching stiching at the next workshop, I can’t go, but I got real inspired. I love stitching and I used to do a lot of it. I ripped and stitched together my old journal pages, I added collage, acrylic, and watercolor. They came out so beautifully, I am amazed! I haven’t even got warmed up yet. Now I can have the luxury of making a bunch of crap with my remaining Time!


The babies have been sick this whole time too, so I’ve been on double duty, like I said housewife + mommy. Caring for and taking care of my family. Luckily I’m not sick! I did a great job taking care of everyone. I don’t think I could of made it another day though without any alone time/   Studio time/ writing time. But here I am. It’s so important to me to have this time to myself. To not have to take care of anyone for awhile. But we did have some quality family time this weekend. Alan and I started the family hug and the babies loved it. We built super high block towers and watched cartoons. We ate dinner together everynight and I fed the babies the same exact thing that Me and Alan ate. Besides the massive amount of snot and extra crying because of the colds the babies were in good spirits. Uncle Danny came over and they were over the moon, they love him. Oh and it was Alan and my Eleventh wedding anniversary! We had a good day together, massages and a nice dinner. Eleven years, that’s impressive. I’m a good wife.

Poor Fionas crying and crying today. She’s not taking her nap and I really need a break!! She’s miserable for some reason. I don’t know why. Or what to do to make her feel better. 

2 thoughts on “I was planning on writing what I know about life so far but I just made the most amazing pieces for my recycled Journal Project!

  1. It was all there, emotions coming through in moments of impact. What you know about life so far came across visually in your recycled journal. The string much like a rip cord, a life line….

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