Art Therapy works!

It’s Quiet now, I’m in my studio, babies sleeping.  “I’m a little bunny, hop hop hop” still flutters around in my head, my little game I made up as I put Jack and Fiona to bed. I laid Fiona in her play and pack, and picked up her little white bunny and hopped it around so it could say hello to tiger. Both babies went down without a fuss today. It’s been a good  baby day, a more “grown up day” It was the first morning since the babies were born I didn’t bring a bottle down to greet them. I brought sippy cups instead with warm milk and had a breakfast of eggs, toast, blueberries, and banana waiting for them in the kitchen. I’ve been nervous about this, “cutting the tit” so to speak, the bottle has been so important to their daily routine. In the morning they cry, “Bottle Bottle Bottle” I thought I would have a revolt on my hands. According to the parenting books I should of taken away the bottle a year ago. This morning they accepted the sippy cup with excitement, possibly it was the novelty. After diapers were changed and we finally made it upstairs, I put Fiona in her high chair first. She started having a melt down. Crying, “down, down, down” The screeches and the twisting to get out of her straps was nerve racking. I thought “Art Therapy” and pulled out the art supplies, showed her the stickers and the melt down stopped immediately. I gave them each their note pads, pens, and stickers. Along with their breakfast and Played a Thelonious Monk record. (on ITunes)The milk got spilled a bunch of times, crayons and markers went in the mouth instead of eggs and berries a few times. But It was a huge success. It was a lot more work than giving them an eight ounce bottle, a banana, and a piece of toast, and letting them watch bubble guppies, but worth it. Bottles done, I can check that off my list!

I’ve had a hard time dealing with things lately, the problems of the world are cutting deep inside me. I don’t know why, I don’t know why I’m so affected, or maybe the question is why other people aren’t? The shooting yesterday, all the shootings, the twelve million people in Syria, twelve million the news report said haven’t the basic necessities to stay warm and make it through this winter. Humans killing humans. Cloning of Cows in China for food, this disturbs me. They are living creatures, it just doesn’t seem right . Flooding in India, flooding they’ve never seen before, people with no where to go. It just goes on and on with disturbing, depressing, sad stories. And we have so much potential, the human race. Why aren’t we evolving? Anyhow I don’t want to be a downer and I’m not denying the wonders of life and the world and how lucky and fortunate I am. I just wish there weren’t so many people suffering in the world, I wish the world wasn’t so violent and destructive. The human race is self-imploding right now.
Time to work on some paintings before the babies wake up. I’m O.K. I can only be grateful and feel what I feel. Art therapy, it works, it worked for the babies this morning! It will work for me now.

2 thoughts on “Art Therapy works!

  1. I know, but I still feel sad for the people who are cold and starving because of civil war and the people shot because of senseless violence and the families that lost relatives. It still makes me sad.


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