“Do you want to go to the museum?” 

Jack and Fiona make their little grunts, “eh” I take that as a yes. 

I think that they’ll both fall asleep in the car for sure on the way to the De Young Museum.  We’ve  had a busy morning so far playing with cars, reading books, eating , having tantrums, just a well rounded morning. 

As I write this I can hear Jack and Fiona saying “wow” they are awake in their nursery. I woke up late, I’ll have to write later. 

It’s been five hours, I’ve walked the dog, washed the dishes ten thousand times, took a shower, dressed, changed ten thousand diapers, talked, did laundry,  told Jack and Fiona stories, timed my day, my week, my life, into segments, rows, and pillars.  tensely waiting for this moment to arrive.  Now I sit in my studio, cold hands from washing and painting, with only thirty minutes left to myself. 

I wanted to write all about our trip to the museum yesterday, how much fun we had and how I’m imprinting on Jack and Fiona the   Value of art and museums but  I think I’ll have to wait to write that story tomorrow. I just don’t have enough time today. 


Alan is off work this week so that means afternoon movies on the days Lindsay’s working. Today we’re going to see Star Wars. I’m looking forward to it at the same time as I want to be writing and painting. That’s just the way it is though, won’t do any good to stress about it. 

12:22, I have thirty minutes left. 

Time to wrap things up and hope I have time to write and paint more this week. 


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