They’re Two! 

We made it! Jack and Fiona are Two years and one day old. They had their big birthday bash yesterday, and it was great! I said I would never have a birthday party, that we would only celebrate as a family. But I went to a friends birthday party a couple months ago and my mind was changed. It was nice, the kids had so much fun, I enjoyed hanging out with the other moms, so I decided then I would have a party for Jack and Fiona. 

  Jack was so excited about the bouncy house! He knew he was getting one for his birthday, he’s mentioned it everyday for the past several weeks. Each day I’ve told him how many days left until his birthday. Fiona hasn’t verbalized as much about her birthday as Jack. I’m not sure if it has to do with hearing loss or personality. 

I noticed when people started arriving Fiona stayed on the sidelines.  It seemed the other kids with hearing loss did the same thing. It took them all longer to warm up. It must be overwhelming.  

Spring is definitely almost here, only four weeks to go. The California Red Bud has flowers and the Sycamore Tree is starting to grow leaves. After yesterdays successful party I’m looking forward to many more as the weather warms up! 

Today is a studio day, after I clean up the mess from the party! Painting! 

First, time to make breakfast and get up my two year olds!! 

(This is them after the party was over)


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