Dreamy Hungover Sunday

I used to have Dreams. One of my teachers once said, “Shoot for the Moon, you might catch a star.” I have never felt like I was anything special, except in my optimism and fearless enthusiasm. Lately I’ve been going through periods of feeling like my dreams have been crushed. Or my capacity to dream? But I have decided that’s bullshit. I have to move forward with optimism and follow my intuition. Not feel guilty for taking studio days or buying art supplies or getting pieces framed. I planted a garden this year, the old garden, wood fence, under the fig tree. I cut back the branches that were blocking Sunshine.. The soil hard and dry, filled with strange roots running back and forth and back and forth, impossible to penetrate or remove. We have a green bell pepper plant, a yellow squash, oregano, strawberries, purple cosmos, burgundy marigolds, and nasturtium. My kitchen smells of onions, garlic, mushrooms, it’s the best spaghetti sauce I’ve ever made. I eat, at first all of us, Jack, Fiona, and me enjoying the pasta. Before dinner is done Jack has a full blown tantrum, red face, crying, I pick him up. I show him the bright red pasta sauce with steam rising up. He begins to calm, I set him on his stool, he sobs again. I serve us all our dinner and eat. Jack finally eats and enjoys the pasta. Then out of nowhere he sobs. Is it a tantrum? Is he sick? We sit on the couch and read books. Quiet, relaxed, new rule, No One on mommies lap, just one on each side. “It’s fair that way right?” I ask the babies.

The day is becoming night, Friday night. Should I have a beer?  I am content in my decision to remain a dreamer, an artist, a woman who follows her heart. One day of childcare and a day I can be me is priceless. Last night. Nursery time, cuddles and books. Wanted to finish writing but didn’t feel like I could. Felt like I needed to sit with Husband and watch a show. It was the right thing to do. Be available. Be present. Be good company.

Now it is Saturday. 10:29am, getting ready for hiking. Knees weak from decision making. Need to stay focused. Need to keep cleaning and make picnic, finally got babies and husband out of house for five so I can do what I do. Sneaking to write a few lines. Dog getting into open trash, pulling out bread and empty containers. Just another minute of silence. Just another minute of non-negotiation time. Let my shaking quell, let my heart rest and positive vibes enter back through my body. Everything is not a negative. Everything does not need to be questioned and all the negative aspects pulled out. They are there, they remain till the end of time. Move forward, it can be  positive dreamy experience. Back to the kitchen. “I want a nice sandwich; do we have stuff for a nice sandwich?” My husband asks. “Yes, we do, I promise I won’t make a grost sandwich.”

 I assemble the sandwiches, for Jack and Fiona, a skinny baguette with butter and turkey, for Alan and I chunky brown bread bought last week at the farmer’s market with mustard, mayo, cheese, fresh tomatoes, and red onion, I think to myself, I take making picnics and school lunches very seriously. I wrap the turkey and cheese nicely and put things away in the fridge as I go. Alan and the babies wait for me to pick them up at the park for our picnic and hike. I take the kitchen and food very seriously. It’s eroding to not be appreciated for it. It’s the housewives burden to bear. But I love cooking, I love cooking for people, Heart stay pure. Heart stay pure.

 Late Saturday Night. Date Night.Home. Heart pure. Purer than when I left. Dry mouth, spinning, slightly, time for sleep.

Sunday morning. Or should I say afternoon. House quiet, babies relaxed. “Airplane, wow” says Fiona. They are eating red popsicles, pajama shirts on, diapers, no pants. Every so often the serenity is broken with, “I WANT MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE!” then I say “No, not now” then Jack has a little tantrum. I’m learning to ignore those, distance myself. They come and go, like withdraws. I make o’s and chamomile tea. Slice watermelon. They eat and play. I think they are done with o’s. On my knees wiping up o’s, they stick to the floor. Need a wet towel, Jack starts eating little soft ones off the floor, as I clean them all up he cries, he wants more. Just a few minutes ago, I think to myself, “They are done with these” The leftovers in the bowls, a film has formed over the top. I throw it down the sink, put all the dishes in the dishwasher. Now I realize I should have kept the food a few more minutes. He gets over it fast, moves on to the empty honey bear on the counter, the half-eaten slice of watermelon on the carpet. We read books, they want to go to the nursery.  I think they are asleep now. They had a late night last night and so did me and Alan. I’m feeling the Champagne, Glass of Italian white wine, a glass of French Burgundy, and a glass of Tawny Port. I don’t get out much. But it was good. Good to be out, downtown. My Downtown. Little San Rafael. But San Rafael has a big Heart, filled with dreamers.

Now it’s time for lunch, the babies are really quiet now. Did they really go to sleep? I’m just letting them guide me today. Except no T.V. I’ll read as many books as they like, play with dolls and legos, cuddle under covers, play puppets. They can sleep when they want, eat what they want, go anywhere in the house they want, except my room, the extra bathroom, the garage, on the tables and counters, but beside that they’ve got free range. It’s been a surprisingly mellow day. A Dreamy Sunday.

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