MommaJ;It’s a good day.

This is a good day. An open day. When words have meaning and body language has more. The rules of grammar have their place; I think this, as I study the sentence structure portion of the CSET. How many fragments have I used in my Nap Time writings? But this is informal writing, I can use the word kids. At the same time, I need to practice writing formal essays, with proper punctuation. When writing personal essays, I wonder, is it O.K. to use informal English? I’m in my studio now, putting my gloves on, working on my Books and paintings. Lucky me. It’s a good day. Open my jar of naples yellow and molding paste mixture from the other day. Add some phaylo blue, lay down marks on my “Book Project” Bookcovers, then my canvas and paper works in progress. Beautiful. Working on Abstract and Figurative simultaneously, letting the paint dry between layers. Writing and studying between layers. Hear Babies come home, hear their little pitter patter feet running around upstairs. I giggle, how cute, I go to door, open it, almost go upstairs to say hi. No. Stop myself. Stay in your studio, keep working, you don’t have much time left. I know they are all so happy to see the set-up I did upstairs. I did it while they were at the park as I was cleaning.  Set up Dolls and tents. Rosemary is coming back with them, Fionas friend.  Fionas chance to play with a little girl. It’s always boys! Two little boys and Jack when we hang with all my other friends but one. Jack needs to spend more time with girls, he’s getting rough and boisterous!! I’m trying to raise them gender neutral, equal influence from both boys and girls, men and women. Fiction and Non-Fiction. Exposure.    

My time is ending in my studio today. My private sanctuary. My personal space. I have dedicated a lot of time to painting lately. I’ve made great progress on my canvas work, learning about re-working the canvas over and over again until the surface of the canvas becomes interesting. Working until the paint is layered enough to create depth. Paper has a natural depth to it. Paper is beautiful, the texture of naked paper is appealing, unlike white gessoed canvas. I’ve had an interesting day in the studio. A good day. I am ready to be mommaJ again, with compassion and understanding of the inner child. I can be self-less and generous because I have given myself that same gift. I am grateful for my studio time today.

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