Enter in the Light

Well, I ended up painting and doing art related business stuff all day. I have fifteen minutes left. I was planning on exercising or walking the dog, but I started on some paintings and couldn’t stop. It’s exciting today because all my work for the show is at the frame shop and my studios still clean from my studio visit. Fresh paint everywhere, yellows and blues. Today; enter in the light. I also worked on some GAP collabs with frags from Nicola, which was very exciting. I worked in my notebooks and on two large canvases. I want to work more on them, but know they need to dry. This forced restraint, needing to come upstairs to take care of the babies is good for me. I have a construction toddler video on for Jack and Fiona as I finish writing this piece. Poor little things have a head cold now. I can’t believe it; this is the third virus they have got back to back. I am finally feeling good today, my body becoming healthy and strong again. I hope I don’t get this head cold next! I guess that’s just life. It felt really good to get my work and the collab work Carl and I made for our SIMPATICO show. It’s going to look so amazing. I decided to go with a nice framing job and a clean presentation, it’s more expensive and I’ll have to raise my prices higher than I was intending on. I feel really strong about this body of work; including the COLLAB work Carl and I are showing. I can’t wait to see it up.

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