Golden October 

Sunday. A DAY I normally don’t spend in the Studio. But it’s naptime and I haven’t been in my studio for days. This was a must. And Good Thing! I painted “Creepy Kitty Lady and Scary Pumpkin Face”. An acrylic painting on a large unstretched canvas. I LOVE it! Since I’ve decided to focus on painting for awhile I’ve completely gone back to my roots. My large unstretched figurative canvases. I had to get in here today. Naptime was my only option.  

It’s almost time to go back in the house. I take a deep breath.Go in. Drink water. Take a bunch of deep breaths. let the October changing sky, light, shadows coming, crispness in the air guide our night. Let the mood guide us. If there’s more cranky whining I will light some candles, drink a glass of wine and tell the babies stories and give them whatever food they want.  

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