Erasing Us

Everything is quiet now, except the sound of an airplane, a few construction projects in the neighborhood, trucks fixing a mudslide up the hill, the clank of bottles being dumped into the recycling truck. My dog sleeps peacefully on the floor, dosed with a Tramadol so her leg will heal faster. My babies are at the park with the babysitter, but they’ll be home soon. The sky is bright blue, spring is almost here. It’s been difficult to write lately, partly because I’ve been in a reading FRENZY! Partly because my head is spinning from listening to the news and realizing that my worst nightmares I’ve had about Trump and Pence winning the election are coming true. Today the vice president, Mike Pence spoke at the “March for Life” rally in Washington DC, he is the FIRST vice president to do so. That is significant. The power has shifted in America, and not for the better. The extreme of the extreme are running the country now. It’s frightening. Funding is proposed to be cut from Libraries, the arts, public schools, women’s health, and so many vital programs. We can’t let the west coast topple! I wonder when They’ll come after my right to medical cannabis? We need to topple them but it seems we are losing the fight, losing freedoms fought for, the new government is trying to erase us, erase the arts and erase freedom of speech. If this administration gets into our public education system and does anything to alter the curriculum we are in big trouble.

Went and sat outside, in the sun, drinking my green tea. It’s a spectacular day. I hope my babies take an early nap so I can get to the studio and paint. I have some ideas, the warm sun and bright green plants just inspired me. I need to go in the sun again. Babysitter just brought Jack and Fiona home but they sound quiet, I think they will take an early nap!! They haven’t taken a nap all week, I’ve been putting on Peppa Pig for an hour and going to my studio to paint. It’s worked well. I think the babies are really asleep! Time for my studio! How lucky am I? The first thing I do in my studio is turn the page on all my notebooks, I paint over a whole painting with white, pour wine on my notebooks, add collage onto several surfaces, scratch into the white painting, then I stop myself. Everything’s too wet to work on anymore. It’s been an hour, so I go in to check on Jack and Fiona. I smell something, I go to the crack of the bedroom door, someone’s got a poop.  I go in, both babies have poops! I clean the poops and put on Peppa Pig Christmas, now I have another hour. I open a Scrimshaw, eat cheese, chicken, grapes, and nuts. I’m liking it all. I’m lucky. I really am lucky.

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