The beginning of No Nap Days

Maybe I should work in my studio first. Jack and Fiona are in their room, not taking a nap. This is my official first post of my new work, I made my final First selection of writings for Naptime Paintings-The Book- (Still don’t know the full title). I finished selecting round one yesterday. I have almost twice as much as I need, my paintings are getting photographed for the book as we speak. I want to go paint for a minute. I paint over two paintings I painted yesterday. (I like them, but maybe they are too ambiguous.) I leave my studio after forty-five minutes.  Jack and Fiona are done watching Peppa Pig,  I leave dark grey and purple paintings. I added whites to lighten them, they become beings from another planet or faded out graffiti. They need more work. I worked on my Note Books too. I feel like I’m free, at least from needing any more images or writing for my book. I can write or paint anything now. I start thinking about conceptual projects I want to start. I work on my newer notebooks, the ones that will be finished next year.  I have less time to work in my studio now that Jack and Fiona aren’t taking naps.

Fiona and Jack are naked now. Playing in the yard with the water hose. My house is a mess. I feel like there’s garbage everywhere. The sink is piled high with dishes. An empty milk carton fell to the ground and I just left it there. Something prevented me from bending down and picking it up. I just left it there. Maybe it is because If I pick it up and put it in the trash I am acknowledging all the other trash on the floor and the counters. I would have to start cleaning up. I’m not ready to commit yet. My neck is sore from moving Jack and Fiona’s beds yesterday and moving heavy chairs around the yard. They are playing nice, only occasional fighting over who’s turn it is to hold the hose.  It’s ten minutes to five, only two and a half more hours and bedtime. I better start the cleaning before then.

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