Believe in Me!

Any one not buy my book yet? Naptime Paintings, Thoughts on Motherhood Through the Eyes of an Artist. Please buy it now. Go to If you need a piece of Art check out The Fourth Wall Gallery. The last day of my Art Show is Saturday January 20th, 2018. I will be doing a talk on Motherhood and how it has affected my life as a Painter, or something like that. We will make you a good deal. Think of it as an investment, I am going somewhere. I believe in myself. Will you believe in me too?

I feel good in my healthy body. I am writing my next book, I paint what I want to paint, it’s good. I know the art I have hanging in my house is breath taking. I know I have a bunch of stunning, framed pieces in the garage. I have a terrific book I just wrote in color with pictures. It’s a beautiful book. Things must be sold at the right price at the right place at the right time. If I borrow money when will I pay it back? If I’m honest about the expense of my projects right now, that I’ve already started my second book, that I have painting  to do, a whole new direction I want to explore. I need money for that too and since I haven’t sold anything how can I justify spending money on art supplies? Or even spending time down there in the studio. Again, we’re back to the same thing. Fuck! I’m giving myself bad anxiety. What if I sold all my frames? I’m going to park somewhere and try to sell my frames and paintings. Where can I park? Crazy talk! Time to go to the studio or take a hot bath!!! Buy my book!!! 💖💖💖💖💋💋💋💋💋 come to my talk at the gallery too! Buy a painting!!!

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Thoughts on Motherhood Through the Eyes of an Artist